Cancellation Policy

【Cancellation Policy】
Once you have made a reservation, the following cancellation fee will be charged.
Two days before … 30%
The day before … 50%
Please note that cancellation on the day or no show are 100% charged in full including the change of the number of the people.

【Important Notes】
*Each plan can reserve at a minimum of 2 people and at a maximum of 8 people. Other groups may join together. Reservation is required at least 3 days before the desired experience date.
*Booking an entire room is possible for SANDO (Tea Ceremony & Flower Arrangement & Calligraphy) with the additional fee. (1:00pm- or 3:00 pm-)
*For Tea Ceremony, we have tables and chairs for those are difficult to sit on tatami-mat.
*The programs are held in Japanese language with English translation.
*Fee will be charged for all guests who enter the facility including attendants and interpreters.
*We prepare all things you need, so please just bring yourself.
*No dress codes. However, we ask you to refrain from bare feet in the tea room. Please wear socks.
*You can take pictures during the session, however, please do not disturb other customers.