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  3. 2023.4 Ryukyu Buyo Performance at SASAGIRIAN -琉球舞踊 特別鑑賞プラン-

2023.4 Ryukyu Buyo Performance at SASAGIRIAN -琉球舞踊 特別鑑賞プラン-

From April 2023, we will begin offering a new cultural experience: The Ryukyu Dance Special Performance Plan.

We will be hosting Ryukyuan dancer Yuya Heshikiyajyo and Sanshin performer Masamitsu Chinen in the Sasagirian tea room for private performances.

It is a special time where you can appreciate high-quality traditional dances up close. Accompanied by a live performance of the Sanshin, dances include the first and second Classical dance variation, as well as the third Zo dance variation. We would love to host you for occasions spanning from the perfect welcome for important guests, or a memorable experience on your anniversary.

We are looking forward to your reservation.

“Sasagirian” performers and staff

2023年4月から新文化商品「琉球舞踊 特別鑑賞プラン」をスタート致します。

琉球舞踊家・平敷屋門 勇也さん、唄三線・知念 勝三さんのお二人が、笹桐庵の茶室を舞台に演舞・演奏を行います。