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  3. 2020年7月 ご来庵のお客様🌺

2020年7月 ご来庵のお客様🌺

今年から新プラン「Sunday SANDO(日曜三道)」がスタートしました。



①書道 13:10-14:00 琉球心を大事に、筆をとり精神統一の時間
②茶道 14:00-15:00 本格茶室でお軸を眺め、和琉菓子とお抹茶を一服
③華道 15:00-15:50 南国沖縄の花を生ける至福のひととき













We have started a new plan called “Sunday Sando”.

We basically open every Sunday from 1:00PM to 4:00PM. (*can be arranged on other days if possible)

This is a special plan which you can experience Calligraphy, Tea ceremony, and Flower arrangement in a day. (*You’ll need about 10 minutes to wear and take off the simple Kimono before and after the experience)

  • Calligraphy (1:00PM-2:00PM): A time for a mental concentration feeling the heart of Ryukyu.
  • Tea ceremony (2:00PM-3:00PM): Take a look at Ojiku the hanging scroll in a real tea ceremony room and relax having some tea with Japanese Okinawan sweets.
  • Flower arrangement (3:00PM-3:30PM): A moment to enjoy arranging tropical flowers of Okinawa.

We had guests of women managers who are the leaders of the tourism of Okinawa to our facility.

Their experience started off with wearing the simple kimonos.  They were experiencing three cultures using “Five senses”.

The teachers at SASAGIRIAN each has more than 40 years of experience in their professions.

We are planning to create “Rediscovery of Japanese Cultures!  Omotenashi Training Plan” for the people who are engaged in the field of tourism in Okinawa.

Please feel free to come to “SASAGIRIAN” the facility to experience Japanese (Japanese Okinawan) cultures with our concept of “Understanding through experience”.

Having strict prevention measures again COVID-19 at SASAGIRIAN, all of our staff are waiting to welcome you.

From all of the staff of “SASAGIRIAN”